MCVC-EXP – expansion module (Coming soon!)

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The Majella MCVC-EXP expands your Majella MCVC MIDI to CV converter with 4 voices at a time! You can expand up to 20 voices! Connect your MIDI gear to your Eurorack synthesizer!

Out of stock

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The MCVC is a four-channel MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) to Control Voltage (CV) converter, which is expandable with 4 voices using the Majella MCVC-EXP expansion module.

The MCVC is a straightforward interface between the Eurorack synthesizer system and devices that communicate using the MIDI -protocol. The MIDI CV Converter bridges the gap between MIDI and Eurorack systems, by converting MIDI messages to control voltages, corresponding to eurorack signal standards.

This module uses the 5V rail (16 pin eurorack connector)!

The Majella MCVC-EXP is an expansion module, it has to be connected to the Majella Audio MIDI CV converter (M-MCVC) in order to function!

Included items are:

  • Assembled MCVC expansion module
  • Montage screws M3 (2x)
  • 16 pin power cable.


  • dimensions: 128.5 x 40 x 2 mm (8HP)

  • power supply usage: +12V (12mA), -12V (13mA), 5V (30mA)

  • This module uses the 5V rail!

User Manual


Download the User Manual below:


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