Synth DIY

Synth DIY

Building your own synthesizer is not only fun and educational, but it can also save you a lot of money! These days you can find any type of module in affordable DIY kit form in shops like:

Thonk (UK)
Exploding shed (DE)
Synthcube (US)

Also the community around synth DIY is very helpful and welcoming and we love to contribute to that as well.

Do it yourself!

Get your VVCA DIY KIT here!

Build your own VVCA!

The Majella Audio VVCA is a dual voltage controlled amplifier (4 HP) with an additional input for Velocity CV. This input allows you to control the CV amount through another internal VCA.

The VVCA DIY kit is great for beginners and a lot of fun for more experienced builders. No trimming required, The Printed circuit board is perfectly symmetric and the DIY manual shows the complete build step-by-step.

You only need a soldering iron and wire for this one!

Build a MIDI to CV converter!

The Majella Audio MCVC is a 4 voice MIDI to CV converter for Eurorack.

You can build your own MCVC with basic soldering skills, equipment and the DIY manualAfter the build you will end up with a very complete and accurate polyphonic MIDI to CV converter to control your modular synthesizer!

Grab your full MCVC DIY kit here!

Building the MCVC:

Synth DIY guy building Majella Audio modules