Terms and Conditions (07-09-2018)

This is the agreement is between Majella Engineering (Majella Audio) the selling company, and the customer (you) who agrees to these terms and conditions when buying anything from the website Majella-Audio.com.

Global Terms and Conditions

  • Majella Audio has the right to change their terms and conditions anytime.
  • Majella Audio is not responsible for any additional charges/costs (e.g. customs, taxes etc.). It is up to the customer to take care of these charges. If you refuse the package, it may be returned or destroyed on your expense. Please be aware of your country’s rules and anticipate on these, when ordering a package from Majella Audio.
  • Because most products bought from Majella Audio will be integrated in a modular system, containing modules from other manufacturers, Majella can not be held responsible for damage to other equipment than the modules provided by Majella. The customer is responsible for the integration and testing of the Majella Audio module within their (self build) system.
  • Majella Audio is able to cancel any order, from any customer before shipping. Majella Audio will of course fully refund the payment within 20 working days.
  • In case of a problem or dispute after shipping, the customer needs to inform Majella Audio within 7 days after arrival of the goods. A dispute is no guaranteed right for a refund.
  • Canceling an order after shipping is not possible.
  • Products bought from Majella Audio carry a 2-year warranty, starting from delivery date.
  • In case of legal disputes, only courts within Utrecht, the Netherlands have jurisdiction.

Assembled modules

For assembled modules bought from Majella Audio, Majella Audio manages the following terms and conditions:

  • All assembled modules shipped by Majella Audio are fully tested and functioning before shipping. For this reason, Majella Audio can not be held responsible for any damage or problems during shipping. Please contact Majella Audio when you receive a damaged package.
  • Please handle your Majella Audio products with care. Warranty covers manufacturing defects and (if applicable) software faults only. Products that are damaged by the customer (scratches etc.) will not be taken back by Majella Audio.
  • Full refunds are only handed if the shipped module is returned within 30 days from the ordering date and if the package is complete and unopened.
  • Majella Audio provides modules that are functioning conform eurorack standards, defined here. Majella Audio can not be held responsible for any damage to other equipment when connecting a finished DIY module or an assembled module bought from Majella Audio.


DIY kits

When a DIY kit is bought, the customer agrees with the following terms and conditions

  • Warranty expires when the package of a DIY kit is opened up
  • Majella Audio is not responsible for the construction of a DIY kit, if a DIY kit is not functioning the way it should be, the customer is fully responsible.
  • The customer is fully responsible for the construction of the DIY kit. Majella only provides the DIY kit, the customer needs to take care of having the knowledge and tools to construct the DIY kit.
  • Majella Audio is not responsible for any damage to other equipment when connecting the finished DIY module. Please test your modules with the right equipment before connecting/integrating them in your system.
  • Majella Audio is not responsible for any damages to the customer’s health, the customer is fully responsible for safety while building, testing and using the bought module.
  • Majella Audio will try to provide build support when needed, as a matter of goodwill. We will not share any schematics or code.

Thank you

Thank you for reading these terms and conditions. Please contact support@majella-audio.comin case of any questions about our website, products or company.