IMPLEXUS – An Analog Performance Oriented Synthesizer

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The Majella Audio IMPLEXUS synthesizer is  a “no compromises” performance oriented musical instrument combining West – and East-coast synthesis techniques into a single form factor. The IMPLEXUS synthesizer has a unique analog circuitry that uses waveshaping, folding and audio rate modulation to create an immense range of sounds!

Available on backorder


The philosophy behind the unique analog signal path of the Implexus is to create sound by adding harmonics instead of subtracting them. The unique sound comes from West-coast style synthesis techniques including:

  •  Waveshaping: Voltage controlled waveform shaping by adding even/odd Harmonics
  •  Wavefolding: Voltage controlled folding of the tops of a waveform
  •  Bias: Voltage controlled asymmetrical analog clipping/folding
  •  Audiorate (cross) modulations: VCO FM, VCA AM, VCF FM, BIAS, FOLD and SHAPE

With the Implexus there comes a point that after hours of tweaking, you will be surprised to find out you haven’t even touched the VCF yet.. But it is there in the more EAST-coast style techniques the Implexus offers, including:

  •  Filter: Voltage controlled Lowpass / Hi-pass filter
  •  Basic VCO: Saw/Sine/Square voltage controlled oscillator
  •  Sub-Oscillator: Thick Square wave oscillator -1 octave
  •  ADSR Envelopes: Looping ADSR envelopes with velocity amount controls
  •  LFO’s: Clock synced / tap tempo LFO’s with multiple selectable waveforms

The Implexus also includes a tape-emulating style delay that can be clock synced or controlled by Tap Tempo.

Included items are:

  • Printed user manual

Here’s a demo video:

IMPLEXUS complex VCO demo:

You can listen to the Majella Audio IMPLEXUS on Soundcloud:


dimensions: 345 x 206 x 75 mm

Where to buy?

Majella Audio (NL)

KMR Audio (UK) 

Schneidersladen (DE)

Perfect Circuit (US)

House of Sound (CH)

Thomann (DE)





Download the User Manual below:


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