MVCF-I – Voltage Controlled Filter

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The Majella VCF-I is a 6HP analog 12dB/oct VCF with Lowpass and Hi-pass mode. This unique sounding Eurorack audio filter offers manual control over the input gain and voltage control over cutoff and resonance. The MVCF-I has a very interesting resonance sound that you can drive into self oscillation.


The Majella Audio MVCF-I is a unique sounding 12dB/oct VCF for Eurorack, with the following features:

  • 6 HP full Analog 12dB/oct Lowpass and Hi-pass Filter
  • Voltage controlled cutoff and resonance
  • Self oscillation
  • Input gain control with soft clipping after 50% knob turn
  • Design focussing on performance, sound and sustainability
  • High quality solvent and scratch resistant Aluminium front panel
  • Metal shaft potentiometers
  • High quality long lasting electrical components
  • Packed using recycled and re-usable materials

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Included items are:

  • Assembled module
  • Montage screws M3 (2x)
  • 16 pin power cable

Here’s a demo video:

Sonic Circuitry using the MVCF-I for ambient:


You can listen to the Majella Audio VCF-I on Soundcloud:


dimensions: 128.5 x 30 x 25 mm (6HP)

power supply usage: +12V (15mA), -12V (15mA)

Where to buy?

Majella Audio (NL)

Schneidersladen GmbH (DE)



Download the User Manual below:



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