Synthfest 2020 SALE!

Dear fellow synth lovers,

We attended and visited Synthfest UK before, met a lot of great people and tested a lot of great gear there! This year we were looking forward to show the IMPLEXUS on Synthfest UK. Sadly the opportunity to do so isn’t not there and this became a tough year for everyone. Synthfest gave us and other manufacturers the opportunity to attend the live event and we are very grateful for it!

In the week of Synthfest2020 we will have a special sale. There will be a discount on some of the already very affordable modules!

From Friday 9 – 16 October:

  • MCVC:  €249,-  (from €299,-) *
    Accurate 4-voice MIDI to CV converter
  • MLEG + MVCF bundle: €199,- (from €238,-) *
    Bundle of an Envelope/LFO generator and a unique 12dB per octave lowpass/hi-pass VCF

*Subject to stock availability

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