• ATTENTION: This is a pre-order deposit  for ONE IMPLEXUS, shipping from upcoming april.  Full amount is due before shipping (€1599,- including VAT ex Shipping) The Majella Audio IMPLEXUS synthesizer is  a "no compromises" performance oriented musical instrument combining West – and East-coast synthesis techniques into a single form factor. The IMPLEXUS synthesizer has a unique analog circuitry that uses waveshaping, folding and audio rate modulation to create an immense range of sounds!
  • MVCF-I – Voltage Controlled Filter

    119.00 ex VAT ex Shipping
    The Majella VCF-I is a 6HP analog 12dB/oct VCF with Lowpass and Hi-pass mode. This unique sounding Eurorack audio filter offers manual control over the input gain and voltage control over cutoff and resonance. The MVCF-I has a very interesting resonance sound that you can drive into self oscillation.
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